Trailer Cover (PVC)

  • Trailer Cover (PVC) incl. bag.
  • High quality PVC cover designed to fit the Caravan by perfection.
  • Protects the Caravan from the elements.

Travel Blanket

  • Travel blanket made specially to fit on the nose of the Comfort.
  • Tight fit to keep the travel blanket in place when traveling.
  • Designed from a thick PVC with Sponge inlay and Polly Weave lining with an added zip for easy access to nose cone compartment.
  • Protects your Trailer and Vehicle against stone damage while traveling.
  • Padded to damper the speed of stones that would normally reflect back on to your vehicle.

Fitted Sheet

  • Custom made Fitted Sheets to fit perfectly.
  • High quality poly/cotton in neutral colours.
  • Quality Velcro added to keep the sheet in place, insuring the sheet will not shift.
  • Pillow Cases: Set of 2

L-Shape Side Panels

  • L-Shape S/Panels (no end panels) PVC with window or door
  • L-Shape S/Panels (no end panels) no window

Shade Net Side Panels

  • Shade net S/Panel
  • Shade net S/Panel (with door)

Ground Sheet Bag

  • Ground sheet bag made from a durable 500g PVC.
  • Store your dirty ground sheet in this handy PVC bag and keep your Caravan or Trailer sand and dust free.
  • It’s completed with a 50mm webbing carry handle.

Ground Sheet

  • L-Shape Ground Sheet with durable webbing edging and eyelets.
  • Size: 5.4 meter x 4.3 meter

Camping Tablecloth

  • Green Ripstop
  • Small (770 x 1210)

Travel Bag on Nose Cone

Roll Up Bag for Cutlery

  • Roll Up Utility bag for Cutlery.
  • Made from a durable 300Gsm Ripstop.

Spare Wheel Cover

  • No Logo

Portable Potty Bag

  • Protect your Porta Potty with this handy bag made from 300Gsm Ripstop.

Vanity Bag

  • Vanity bag made from a durable 300g Ripstop.
  • It features a well designed wet and dry pouch and hook to hang the vanity up.
  • It’s completed with a removable PVC vanity pouch.

Tent Draft Sheet Conversion

  • Converting the Zip Up draft sheet inside the tent with a permanent fitted draft sheet.
  • The Tent of the trailer has to be removed from the trailer to be able to do the conversion.

Tent Mosquito Net

  • Moz net Velcro into the pole structure of the main tent making it easy to remove for washing purposes.
  • An elastic at the bottom of the Mosquito net folds around the mattress holding the net in place.